iOS Application Information

Hi there.

Here are the current applications I have out there.

You can email at for any questions or comments.

SecureMyPasswords (aka SMP)

Secure My Passwords does just that, securely stores your usernames and passwords locally on your device.

No subscriptions, no membership, no annual plans, no hidden costs.

All of your data is stored locally on your device.  No worrying about where your data is, it's always with you!

You can login to your device with Touch ID or a local username and password!

For each item:

Title - the title of the item
Username - username for the item (saved securely on your device in KeyChain)

Password - password to be used (saved securely on your device in KeyChain).  You can also generate a random password up to 32 characters long!

URL - website or application name.

Notes - any additional notes you want about the site.

Image - you can take a picture or pick one from your library and store it with your password information.

Part of the reason I created this for myself was because the app I was using stop working when the web site it needed to contact was not longer around.
Again, this app saves all of the data locally, the authentication is on your device as well, so just backup your phone regularly!

My Rental Tracker

My Rental Tracker is exactly that, an app to track your rental property.

You can enter all of the basic details about each property, including
title (ie what you refer to the property as), the address, year built, current rent amount, value of the property, square feet, number of bathrooms, and tenant information.
You can upload an image of the property as well as mark the location of the property on a map.

Data is stored locally on the device.  Backup you device regularly!  
In case you don't want to, you can email the information you have about the property to yourself in case something was to happen to  your device.

Future features include tracking rental payment and maintenance items.

Collect Accident Info

Accidents happen and when you can not remember what information you need, this application will help you gather the information needed.

The information asked for is based on recent personal experience and the information that we should have gathered.  
Given accidents are an emotional time, it is difficult to remember what information is needed, so I decided to create this app to help gather that information.

The app does not take any pictures, but there is a reminder to do so if you can do it safely.  Once you have the information, you can email the information to yourself or someone else.

Information entered is saved locally on the device after each screen and after pressing the Email button.

If you have any questions or comments please email me at

Guess the random number

This started off as dummy app that would hide another app below it.  I still want to do that, but split the two apps up for now.
This really is just a random number guessing game.  A random number between 1 and 1000 is selected and see how many tries it takes to guess the number!

Password Protected Photos

In the guessing game above, enter a certain number and it would open this app.  I still might do that, but for now, the two apps are seperate.

Password Protected Photos is a secured storage location for your pictures.  The default username is user and the default password is pass.  
Again, user / pass to login the first time and then go to Setting to change them to whatever you like.  
You can also enable TouchID instead so either way will authenticate you into the application.

Add existing pictures from your Photo Library or use the camera to add new pictures directly into the application.  
Images from the application can also be saved back to the Photo Library, printed, sent via text message, 
or sent to another application (depending on what apps you have installed, ie Facebook, etc).

If you have any question or comments, please email me at

My Financial Info

Securely store your financial information on your device.   
The application can be set to use a username/password or TouchID to access the application.  
You can setup your own username and password under the Settings menu so only you would know the credentials to access the application.

Store bank information, such as account numbers, balances, phone numbers, agent/contact information, etc.

All data is stored locally on your device!  The account number, username, and password fields are stored securely within the application.

No data leaves your device.  Be sure to backup your phone!

If you have any questions or comments, please email me at

Save my contacts

Save My Contacts exports your contacts from your phone and creates an email with the attachment being all of the contacts at the time of the export.  
Email the contacts to yourself and when needed.  when you open the file back up, you will be prompted to import the contacts back in.

 Task Manager Time Tracker 

A small application that can be used to track how much time is spent on various projects and tasks.  
You can enter how much per hour you charge and track your time.  
PLEASE NOTE, the money needs to be in whole numbers, ie 50, instead of 50.00.